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Jean Cafeine Liner Notes

This video is about the White_Night Riots on May 21st 1978 when ex San Francisco council member Dan White was sentenced for murdering Mayor Moscone and our first out council member Harvey Milk. The sentence was very light and the city ignited both metaphorically in protest and riot and literarly...police cars were burned. After hearing the sentence, I tried to get home from a bar that night and ended up being chased by police along with a bunch of although I was in solidarity with the protesters, it was a night of accidental activism on my part. This video was found on a site that had a few archival videos of SF in the 70's. It was listed as Creative Commons. If you took this video, please contact me so I can credit you. Footage of Josh and I played live was filmed by George Ray. Music co -written with Josh Robins.

Peripatetic Punk Chanteuse Jean Caffeine Recounts Stories of Creating Family In The Chaos Of the Late 70's Rock Scene in San Francisco. A Live Waltz Excerpt From Her One Woman, One Guitar Show, "Saturday Sadie Nite" shot live at The Makeout Room In San Francisco's Mission District on May 21st 2018.

Love What Is It.png

Song about limerence and relationships, love for people and love for cats. Words by Jean Caffeine. Music by Mike Trebilcock and Jean Caffeine. Inspiration and footage from the film, "William Burroughs, A Man within" by Yoni Leyser. Live footage shot at the Hamilton library by Nick Cushing. Thank you to Thank you Yoni leyser. Guitars Mike Trebilcock and Josh Robins

Bass: Josh Robins

Drums: Daniel Jones

Jean Cafeine Liner Notes

Still relatively fresh from her recent tour promoting her new album and one woman show, "Sadie Saturday Night," Jean and John Kovach sit down in the bedroom to talk about being a young punk in the early days of the musical movement in the 70s, going on tour, making new friends and reconnecting with old ones, among other things.

“Winter of Hate” is about the emotions surrounding the break-up of the Sex Pistols and their last gig, which seemed at the time like the punk dream was dying. But as we know, punk has continued to remain a vital artistic form and highly relevant to this day. The song appears on Caffeine’s recent album, Sadie Saturday Nite.


Single from the album "Sadie Saturday Nite".
Each verse is about one of the all female band's I played drums in.

video: Paul Tschinkle :Art New York.

Animation: Paul Beck
Photos: Laura Levine, George Wescott and Stephano, George Dubose, Tom Langton, Tom Bessior, Bill Lawler

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