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Jean Caffeine Memoir Piece, “Sadie Saturday Nite”

Sadie Saturday Nite is a one person + one guitar player show about growing up punk in San Francisco. It's stories and songs about hanging out and playing drums in an all-girl band in the seventies. Sadie features the stories from from a storied life. “Sadie…” speaks to who anyone who loves punk, or who’s been a part of a scene, or who’s had their heart broken. 


Jean’s piece is just in time for the 40th anniversary of so many important first punk albums by  bands including X, the Clash, the Damned and Sex Pistols as well as birth of many regional first wave punk bands like the Avengers, Dils, Germs Zeros, who played the Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco and the Masque in LA, and the Skunks who played Raul’s and Club Foot in Austin.

 “Sadie…” was performed June 2, 3, 9 and 10th at 8pm at the Hole in the Wall, sponsored in part by the City of Austin, Cultural Arts Division. Each Sadie performance featured  after parties with one or more femme-tactic punk or post punk bands including Alien Knife Fight, Queue Queue, Pleasure Venom, Bitter Heart Society, etc.  Sadie was also performed at the Hamilton Fringe Fest, The Buffalo Infringement in 2016 with Mike Trebilcock (Killjoys,Simply Saucer) on guitar. Josh Robins (Invincible Czar co wrote a couple songs in the show and was the Creative Consultant on the show.

“It’s like sneaking into a concert and then getting to be part of the entourage” …coming -of -age reminiscences of this talented, post-punk adrenaline high chanteuse”  -ViewMag, Hamilton, ON

“Jean's personal stories bring out some of the grime and grit that's under the fingernails of our glittery imaginations …”

- Raise the Hammer

Growing up in the 70's, it's been a dream of mine to release an LP. When LPS's almost disappeared I was so sad. When the industry started to revive I was excited but it was so expensive and complicated to press vinyl, I just didn't think I could make it happen. But I love a challenge & an album about the 70's has to come out on vinyl, right? I'd love to partner with you to get this album pressed!

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